Howdy, my name is Baldy Ivy, a working cowboy in Northern Arizona. Welcome to

I started this site because I wanted people to be able to share their love of flying with others. I hope people will use this site because they love to fly with others. If they get to share the expenses, that's great too.

I fly a '41 tcraft on the ranches where I work. I have a World War I replica Boredom Fighter half done. I have recently finished re- building, with a partner, the Starduster Too pictured here on the right. I built the Starduster's wings new from plans.

I would like to hear from anyone with ideas or suggestions that may help promote this site. At the present time I am advertising in AOPA, AVweb, EAA Sport Aviation, GA News, Southern Aviator, Flight Training, American Flyways, California Recyclers, and linking to as many sites as possible including AVweb, Landings, Google, and Yahoo. I continue to contact FBOs and type clubs asking for their assistance. The site is listed on the Mooney tech link.

I want to keep this site free to subscribers. If you are, or know of anyone, interested in advertising please contact me for rates at 928-300-4027.

Thank you for your time and interest. I hope you will continue to commit aviation safely. Don't hesitate to contact me by email at, or by phone at 928-300-4027

Adios for now.



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